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10 Women I’d Like to Have a Glass of Wine With

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Some Non-book Links

Daily Arts and Letters is a terrific catchall site, well-organized to appeal to all your best interests. Pay a visit by clicking here.

The Domino Theory — I love this guy (Jeff Winbush), whom I’ve never met and whose background as a black journalist, an Air Force veteran, and a parent couldn’t be more different from mine (none of those things)–whose rants help me grock the world more thoroughly.

Farm Forward — I’m pleased to be part of this movement whose supporters include authors Jonathan Safran Foer, Margaret Atwood, David Sedaris, Jonathan Franzen and more–plus a lot of non-authors too–focused on ending needless suffering and saving our environment at the same time.

Honestly, who can’t support HSUS? (click on picture)

The Humane Society of the United States

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10 Women I’d Like to Have a Glass of Wine With

  1. My mother, Barbara Burnham Rutter, who died two weeks after I turned eighteen. I’d love to catch her up on how things have gone for me. I might leave out a few stories, just to keep the conversation on an even keel.
  2. My grandmother, Mazie VanderWyk Burnham, who died on a Christmas day while, thirty miles away, I opened presents. I’d apologize for not being there.
  3. My great auntie Ella, Ella VanderWyk Doherty, who gave me my first camera and a chipped doggie figurine. I’d like to thank her and chat about girlfriend things, like did she ever have an affair.
  4. My Aunt Louise, Louise Rutter Towle, who laughed over the same things I did, finding human nature alternately dear and absurd.
  5. Joyce Carol Oates, author of over fifty novels, though I seem only to have read three so far. The one I’d like to discuss is We Are the Mulvaneys. Dying to know how real that family was to the author.
  6. Anne Tyler, author of seventeen novels so far, and I’ve read many of them. I want to figure out how to channel her.
  7. Rita Rudner, comedian extraordinaire. Her humor is perfect snark; she says things I wish I’d said.
  8. Dominique Raccah, founder and president of publishing house Sourcebooks. I have unparalleled admiration for her focus, smarts, ethics, and determination.
  9. Peggy Hartson, childhood friend. I think I just found her, and she lives in Naperville, IL, which is where DR (woman #8) lives. Unbelievable. I’ve asked PH to be a Facebook friend; maybe someday there will be wine.
  10.  [I have to cheat here]: All the women I currently have wine with. You know who you are.

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