Book Marketing, Part 4

You’re familiar, I’m sure, with movie trailers. You’ve also now seen a book trailer or two on this site. Most book trailers are like slide-show presentations of praise blurbs, sample illustrations (in a children’s book), excerpts of publisher’s or author’s comments on the book, or parts of the book itself. A form of author interview may be included, though a lot of authors don’t even appear in the trailer for their own book–probably with good reason, since they are writers not performers. A lot of book trailers are not even prepared by the publishers of the books but by the authors, either because their books are self-published or published with a small press operating with limited funds.

But now and then a book trailer jumps out as different for one reason or another (read: especially entertaining). Here is my favorite to date:

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  1. Liz West says:

    Very nifty! Thanks.

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