A Room to Write In

I just visited a writer’s website to learn about her latest publication (more on that in a moment), and found a delightful video segment from her appearance on a TV show I hadn’t heard about before, the Nate Berkus Show. If you like to see happy-ending stories and/or how a room can be transformed to meet a writer’s needs, take a look. It takes 8 minutes. Below the video is info about this writer’s books and another interesting fact about her writing life.

Maryann McFadden’s first two books were published by Hyperion. For whatever reason, they turned down publishing her third book. She and two other book-business people formed a publishing company, Three Women Press, to debut with her third novel, coming out May 1, 2012. Her third novel is the one I’ll be reading (you can guess why); it’s called The Book Lover. (Her first two books were The Richest Season and So Happy Together.) McFadden has demonstrated great sticktoitiveness in her life and seems to have lived well by the cautionary “illegitimis non carborundum.” I’m rooting for her!

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  1. I love the story of starting her own press… I am rooting for her also, and going to check out “The Book Lover”!

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