Huffington Post Book Club and Me

You may recall my plan to participate in the Huffington Post Book Club (to refresh your memory, click here). It depends on what aspect of being in a book club you want to focus on, to decide whether I succeeded.

  • Did I participate? Yes, in the first third of the reading schedule.
  • Did I read the whole book? Yes, but after the first third I was behind everyone else.
  • Did I enjoy the book? Not really!
  • Will I try another book with that group? I haven’t decided, but might if I’m especially interested in the book.
  • Am I glad I tried? Yes, and it helped to read others’ comments, because I simply didn’t understand portions of The Tiger’s Wife. Part of the problem was that I let too much time pass between reading times, so I would lose the thread. But I let time pass because I just wasn’t really enjoying the book. Not a big fan of the folklore focus.

In the end, I’m admitting I have no clue why the book is titled The Tiger’s Wife. The only “wife” a tiger should have is, of course, another tiger. (See photo above.) If I really wanted to spend more time ruminating about this book, I’d come up with a rationale for its title. But I’m not a-gonna.

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