Engaging Interview between Penn and Friedman

I just watched a terrific discussion between author-blogger Joanna Penn and publisher-author-teacher-blogger Jane Friedman. I’m one of almost 150,000 followers of Jane Friedman on Twitter. Her tweets are invariably topical and often lead me to click through to the article or video she’s linking. The video below is time-consuming (almost a half hour) but informative if you are curious about publishing and marketing challenges for new writers. I really enjoyed the energy these two women brought to the interview.

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3 Responses to Engaging Interview between Penn and Friedman

  1. Joanna Penn says:

    Thanks Meredith, I’m glad you enjoyed the chat. Jane is a wealth of information and a lovely person. The interview is available in audio at my site for those people who don’t want to watch the video.
    Thanks, Joanna

  2. So interesting to learn about the tools available to create ebooks. Thanks for the info.

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