Listener-friendly Automated Audiobooks

I’m pleased to let you know about a new offering from the company my husband has devoted much of his time to for the past eleven years (Lessac Techonologies, Inc.). The offering is an automated reading of certain classics in literature and a few current nonfiction books for free or next-to-nothing (some cost 99 cents).

The amazing aspect of this offering is not the price, although that’s amazing, of course, but the way the audio was achieved. Basically, in goes a pdf, out comes an audio that is software-driven but doesn’t sound like a robot’s monotone rendition of how-to directions. Pick a book and have a listen! Visit the site by clicking here. The company is currently seeking partners to expand into other areas, e.g., magazines and more. You can let me know what you think of LTI’s patented Narrator(TM) system in Comments below. Or tell LessacAudioBooks directly via the “Contact Us” option on their site.

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