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One truck-owner's approach to literature on Monhegan Island, Maine (photo copyright by Meredith Ann Rutter)

One truck-owner’s approach to literature on Monhegan Island, Maine (photo copyright by Meredith Ann Rutter)

Boy, I’ve read some pretty bad books lately. Of course, that’s just my opinion. But I think I enjoyed a higher percentage of my reads when I was younger because I still had so-o-o much to learn. Nowadays a book really has to tickle my funny bone or give me a look into some utterly fascinating other life to keep my attention.

I read a book a short while back that was a terrible turn-off because the narrator was shallow and annoying and never improved during the book. Not a whit. It was a book I’d agreed to do a review on, but when I finished it and realized I hated it even more than when I started, I had to beg off. The author does have a legion of fans, and so I knew it was my own reaction and not fair to the publisher or the author to vent against the book. The publisher (happily?) let me off the hook. I won’t name the book or author here. Again, just wouldn’t be right.

Now that I’m reading more and more as part of my life as a writer, I’m getting better at picking the right books for me to read. And so I do have some new recommendations for you. Some of these I read a bit longer ago but am just now thinking to add to the list.

The following books have now been added via the “Favorites” tab in the horizontal menu above. There, each comes with a brief comment from me. You can click on the book cover to see the rest of my comment (if it has ended in dot-dot-dot) and also to read Amazon’s description of the content of the book before you might choose be thrown onto Amazon’s selling page.

Memoirs: I added Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid.
Nonfiction: I added Personal History, Savage Beauty, and The Man Who Loved Books Too Much.
Novels: I added Sarah’s Key, Room, The Pleasure of My Company, and By Nightfall.

Have you read any of these? Care to share your opinion? Use the Comments feature below!

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