My Submission to an Essay Contest – Results

I feel like such a dumb-ass.

I feel like such a dumb-ass.

The mind is a wondrous place. My mind, for instance, thought I’d posted eleven days ago the outcome of my submission to the essay contest. Today I checked on that posting for a different reason and found it was still in the “draft” section of my WordPress dashboard. And it’s a good thing, because what I had written and not posted was a very dumb piece of poetry. Now I’ve deleted that, and today I post without further flourish that my essay was rejected. They said no to me.

Reasons were not given. I strongly suspect a role was played by “the ick factor,” the term one of my readers used to explain her own reaction to the essay I’d written. The judges’ decision may have been influenced by how graphic they thought a piece on genital labeling and STDs really needed to be. (You think?) But it was the sixties and seventies, man…

Oh well, I had fun writing it, and I’ve no doubt it will see print in some other context someday. Perhaps a bit toned down, or hidden within a novel somewhere.

In the meantime, I’ve entered a different contest with an unrelated short-short story. I’ll let you know…

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6 Responses to My Submission to an Essay Contest – Results

  1. Liz West says:

    You’ve gotta try!

  2. Carol says:

    Dumb ass, NEVER! Too smart to be appreciated, likely.

  3. Mary says:

    Ms. M. — huge air hug from WI. Canfield/Hansen, Grisham, Redfield, — all authors rejected many times over. Keep trying.

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