My Submission to an Essay Contest – Update 1

As an update to my February 11 posting, I’ve now had a grand total of six people read and react to the essay I submitted to the “Times They Are A-Changing” contest. Among my six readers, the results are extreme. They love it or hate it. Maybe “hate” isn’t the right word. The disappointed readers had different reasons for their reactions. One found it a turn-off for “the ick factor” (which I shan’t share with you at this time); one found it confusing; one thought it was less emotional than the topic demanded. I think all six respondents have made excellent points, some of which I can do something about if I get the opportunity. The “ick factor,” however, must stay, being one of the major points of the essay.

In one week, I’ll know what the anthology editors have decided. I imagine they (there are three of them) are arguing even as I post this. If they say yes to me, I’ll hope to do a bit of editing. If they say yes to me.

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