Book Review — David McCullough’s 1776

Today I have added to the “Book Reviews” tab (above) my brief review in Goodreads of David McCullough’s history book 1776. It’s a rare event for me to read a book of history, and I do highly recommend this one if you are interested in that year of U. S. history and know as little about it as I did. (Having finished the book, I think there are many of us!)

I just found this video of an excellent interview with David McCullough. (If the below “embedding” doesn’t work, try this link: The interaction focuses less on 1776 (the book McCullough was promoting at the time of the interview) than it does on writing and on teaching. It’s worth watching especially if you’re a writer or teacher and, of course, want to spend a half hour on it… It’s a great way to wake up in the morning.

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