Book Trailer – Demon Fish

I’m a scuba diver, now and then. Each time it takes a few days to get comfortable again with the equipment and equilibrium, but the underwater world never fails to refresh and astound. Every now and then I get to see a shark. I’ve swum with the generally harmless white-tipped reef sharks and the known-to-be-unpredictable hammerheads and never had a real scare with one. Unlike my husband, though, I don’t “seek out” the sharks; when I do see them, it’s by chance.

By chance this morning (well, not totally by chance, since one of my favorite e-newsletters, Shelf Awareness, included it), I saw this book trailer on a new book I hadn’t heard about before: Demon Fish by Juliet Eilperin. I’m including it below. First, I want to comment on the spectacular book cover. Wow. It’s really hard to create a great book cover. This one was designed by someone associated with the publisher Pantheon, either as an employee or a freelance designer–sorry I don’t have the name. The book comes out June 14, in case you’re thinking it would make a great gift, which is my take on it.

I don’t watch a lot of book trailers, but the ones I’ve watched have certainly run the gamut between pretty-darn-awful and impressively-good. This trailer is in the latter category. (Caution: If you are given to nightmares about critters with teeth, maybe you should give this one a pass — but in fact, the only cruelty in this trailer is of the manmade variety.)

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