Kids Reading and Creating

On the heels of a family vacation last week, grandchildren Tim, Lauren, and Jeremy (and their parents) spent a few days with us. Of course, I asked who was reading what these days. The books I remember being mentioned were 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, being read by 17-year-old Tim, and Of Mice and Men, being read by 13-year-old Jeremy. Lauren had a couple books in her bag but I didn’t spot the titles as I passed by the futon to get to the deck. Sorry about that.

Tim said he’s on page 50 and hasn’t gotten to the first habit yet, but he’s looking forward to it. Jeremy wonders what the significance of the rabbits is near the beginning of Steinbeck’s book. Such conversations make my heart soar.

At one point I went to check Facebook updates and found that our grand-niece Kaylin had created and posted a retrospective on Harry Potter. Since I’m not a follower, I asked Tim and Jeremy (Lauren was out of sight) to take a look at it, and they swooned over it! So, I include it here, below, for you Potterheads out there (am I coining a term?).

And now Gary and I are off to Cape Cod for a few days, visiting a friend who rents each August. While there I’ll be reading aloud to her the first draft of my second novel, a sequel written last November. My friend doesn’t enjoy reading but loves listening, so it’s a great opportunity for me to identify and circle bad passages for later attention. Back in touch next weekend!

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