Three Cups of Tea Author Cleared in Civil Suit

Image: AP Photo/Central Asia Institute, Sarffraz Khan

A tweet this morning by Publishers Weekly alerted PW’s followers to an AP article (click here to read it) about the dismissal of the civil lawsuit against Greg Mortenson, the author of Three Cups of Tea. I’m very happy for Mr. Mortenson and relieved for all his readers!

This was one of those books that I’d had no interest in reading because I let the cover sway me. I thought it was a book about women who bonded over tea. It’s nothing of the sort. I read it after a couple of friends told me I had to. It’s the story of Greg Mortenson’s efforts to get schools built (relying on local people) in Afghanistan and Pakistan to educate girls as well as boys. I’ve always believed the plaintiffs in the civil suit were wrong in their portrayal of him as intentionally misleading readers. The judge has now called their case “flimsy and speculative,” and I hope Mr. Mortenson can get more rest now.

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  1. Pat says:

    I agree entirely. I thought he was very clear about his ineptness with organization and finances, and I thought everyone overreacted incredibly. I’m glad to hear this. Thanks for passing it on.

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