Brief Book Previews from The Millions Magazine

You may enjoy a look at what one magazine, The Millions, took much time/effort to create for people who live and breathe books–or for people who read only a few each year and want to make sure they’re picking up on good ones. Previews of new books coming out in 2012 are provided here in helpful article part one and part two.

I haven’t read any of these yet, and probably won’t for another year or two. You see, I don’t use our local library to borrow books, and I usually don’t want to pay the price of a hardcover (or heft the volume either). So I wait for the paperback, which also gives me time to learn whether my most trusted book-recommending friends think a particular book is a match for me. But you, dear reader, may be one who likes to be among the first to read the new books each season, and so the above links are for you. Enjoy.

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