Write Poetry with Your Bookshelf

Take another look at the titles on your bookshelf (#bookspinepoetry). Do some of them speak to you beyond describing the book itself? They will for sure if you start thinking about them in poems of your own making. I’ve done a brief, four-line poem with the books shown. The poem would look like this:

In the bleak midwinter,
Listen to the warm–
Selling the invisible
By cunning & craft.

This was a neat idea I first learned about from someone’s tweet awhile back. Wish I could remember who, to credit him/her. In lieu of that, I link here to a detailed blog on the subject. Ms. Neugebauer’s rules are for the seriously devoted title-poet. I didn’t follow them, because I “wrote my poem” before I’d seen her blog. Plus I’m a bit lazier than she. At the end of her post, she lists other sites where you can see others’ poems. (All but one of the links are still good; the “Poetry” link is out of date.)

So, is there a poem or two or three on your shelves? Do share.

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  1. Jeremy Marple says:

    That’s really interesting!!!

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