NaNoWriMo 2012 Progress Report #2

One of my characters, an antagonist, surprised me the other day with a move I didn’t plan. How cool is that? Then I had to decide whether I could live with that move, and if so, what it would mean to my protagonist(s). I decided to follow the antagonist’s lead. She has added a layer of complexity that will take more time/words to play out, but that’s okay. Anything that’s more like real life has to make better reading.

A major element I still haven’t pinned down is setting, namely, through what span of years the story takes place. I have my choice, as the content and characters are not yet tied to a particular era. It’s not an historical novel and probably wouldn’t translate very well prior to the 1900s, if only because I’m not up on cultural or linguistic differences.

I had a good writing day yesterday, and I need six more good ones… November 30 looms large. Today I need someone to recommend an intriguing career for a man (applicable in 1920 as well as 2012). The man I envision is one who can’t be trusted and has a need to control others–not that this needs to relate to the career. Thoughts?

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4 Responses to NaNoWriMo 2012 Progress Report #2

  1. Pam Seastrand says:

    Intriguing men’s-career ideas:
    a horse farrier
    an auto mechanic
    a chef

    Also, did you really use “an” before “historical”? That’s like a false myth to use “an.” Would you say “an history text,” “an horse,” “an hysterectomy”? Nope. It’s not necessary.

    Pam : )

    • I just knew someone would take issue with my “an historical.” Thanks, Pam, for setting me straight… again and again! If you don’t mind, I shall think of you as an honest woman.

  2. Pam Seastrand says:

    P.S. Can you tell that’s a pet peeve of mine? hahaha

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