Can’t We Please Play Nice?

speech balloons by Salvatore Vuono - freedigIs it okay for reviewers to use pseudonyms as authors do? Prior to a recent upset making book news, I’d have said no, thinking reviewers should be willing to stand behind their comments or not make them at all. But now that I know that authors might “go after” reviewers who speak negatively about their books, I’m rethinking my opinion. Social media, of which I’m a big fan, does have its dark side.

If the topic intrigues you, learn more via this essay from the founder of the website Dear Author, and this commentary from an author-reader at the same website. Alert: These are somewhat lengthy, brain-engaging articles; arm yourself with a good seat and your favorite liquid refreshment.

Subsequent Note: I’ve corrected the name of the website referred to above. (Original post called it Dear Reader, but it’s Dear Author.)
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