Change in Title of Novel, New Beginning

This posting has been deleted by the author.

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4 Responses to Change in Title of Novel, New Beginning

  1. Mary says:

    You have been busy! And in such a GOOD way. Wonderful, new start. Strong writing and images. Nice pacing, creepy feel. Based on the opening scene, it feels like you’re writing a more hard-boiled mystery now rather than anything “cozy.” I’d say keep the writing throughout just as strong and fast-paced. Keep backstory to a minimum and only when absolutely necessary to move story and character.

    New title feels right with this beginning. I like it.

    One nitpick: I had to read the sentence with the word “obstruction’s” several times before I got your bigger meaning–that you’re talking about the hater’s perceived nemesis. I took it more literally — an obstructed jugular which made no sense.

    Congratulations, M! Love this work! I’m betting the agents will too. XXOO

  2. nance says:

    I could almost hear gene Pitney singing “town without pity” as I read on.

    • Ha-ha! Even funnier is I’ve decided to change the title and the beginning again. Yet again. I should learn my lesson and stop posting manuscript updates until the book’s nearing actual publication. Live and learn!

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