New Trailer Now Out for “Gone Girl”

Scene clapper FrameAngel at FreeDPnetBeing one of those who really enjoyed the book, I’m looking forward to Gone Girl the movie (trailer embedded farther below). Word is they’ve changed the ending, which pleases me because I didn’t care for the ending in the book.

Usually I’m a stickler for a movie representing the book, especially when it carries the same title. I was not pleased when the film The Shining changed what happened somewhere in the middle; it put me on the edge of my seat the rest of the time, since it didn’t follow what author Stephen King had written on some key point. I guess that’s why they changed it, so I’d still be scared. And it worked. And I know King has been okay with changes made to The Dome so it works as a TV series. I saw the first episode last year, but it didn’t grab me enough to watch further (especially knowing it wasn’t going to be faithful to the book). That’s okay, I’m busy binge-watching Breaking Bad and House of Cards.

Have you read Gone Girl? People loved it or hated it. Your opinion? (No spoilers, please!)

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