Kicked Out

So, I was having breakfast Tuesday morning with a small group that included a longtime friend – who wishes to be called by her Indian pseudonym – Calm Water. The chatter turned to this blog, which she has enjoyed, and she referred to one of the earlier entries when she said, “I read Sarah’s Key.”

“You did? Did you like it?” I asked.

“I did like it, even though it … [I’m leaving some words out] ending.”

I reacted immediately. “Why did you tell me that? I don’t want to know that.”

Calm Water laughed and said, “I always tell the endings. I’ve been kicked out of book clubs because of it!”

Say what!? I was flabbergasted, but equally entertained by this unusual approach to book discussions. Given the number of positive comments about the book, I’m still going to read it. I’m just glad Calm Water didn’t talk to me before I read Unbroken, which has its own version of a surprise ending.

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2 Responses to Kicked Out

  1. Even though you left it blank I can just imagine the ending to “Sarah’s Key.” Sarah’s key dropped by accident and fell through the slats in the heating grate just as she decided to blow her own personal Popsicle stand hell and there she was. There she was.

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