Attention Parents

When I was a child, did I ever walk into a bookstore? I’m not sure I ever did. I walked into the library, and often. I sat in circles of kids listening to the librarian read to us. Some bookstores offer the same and have wonderful children sections. There are worse ways to spend discretionary funds. Sounds like a great birthday present, too, taking one’s child to a bookstore to pick the gift for themselves. You can visit the website for “Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day” by clicking here.

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One Response to Attention Parents

  1. One of my fondest memories about elementary school was our weekly trips to the library. As we sat, knees crossed, in a circle around the soft spoken, white haired Mrs. Kagan, she would take us on a mind-out-of-body adventure and return us safely back to reality seen in a new light.

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