Begin at the End

Fall leaves photo by Jonathan A. Rutter

A statement that sounds askew until you think about it is “Begin at the end.” What ended for you recently? Are you ready to begin something new?

  • Fallen leaves end life on the tree, and start supporting life in the soil (if left to do so).
  • When we finish reading a book, that book ends for us, but we begin a life that has that book running in the background.
  • At the end of my blogless life I started a blog and look forward to whatever new connections that may bring.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. As this latest holiday proceeds and then ends, welcome the next day as another beginning, for that is what it is. You’ll have a new set of headlines (even if they sound strangely familiar) and a new page in the book you’re reading and a new way, if you choose it, to talk to someone you’ve been avoiding. I know, easier said than done. But one day does lead to the next, and the old leaves do fall. Begin at the end.

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  1. Liz West says:

    And a happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

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